4 Signs Your Car Needs New Tires

4 Signs Your Car Needs New Tires

It’s a normal day and you’re driving down the road when you start to hear some abnormal noises coming from your car. You stop to investigate, and think to yourself, “When do I need new tires?” If you’re noticing some abnormal skidding and squeaking, that may be a sign the time is now.

The car you’re driving has multiple parts that work around you while you are driving — your tires being the most important as they get you where you need to go. If tire issues aren’t properly taken care of, your car could be a hazard to you and those around you.

We are here to help. Here are four signs you need new tires.

1. Your Tires Have Low Tread – The level of tread that is on your tires may dictate the stability of your car on the road. Over time, as you drive, the tread of the tires wears down. As your tires wear down, your tire’s ability to grip and stay on the road decreases. This can be hazardous on the roads especially if the weather conditions are not the greatest. If you think you are experiencing little to no tread on tires, there is a way to check.

One quick and simple way to check the tread on your tires requires only one thing, a penny. Start by placing the penny directly into the tread with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you do this and you can still see the top of his head, the tread is way too low, and may need to be replaced. If Lincoln’s head remains covered, your tires still have the correct amount of tread to keep safely driving on the roads.

2. Your Tires Are Skidding When You Brake – This next sign also has to do with your tires having low tread, but if your tires are skidding as you brake on the roads, you may have a problem with your tires. An important thing to note is that your tires work alongside your braking system which is in charge of your car being able to stop properly. If you’re trying to quickly stop, and you notice that your tires aren’t gripping properly, that may be a sign you need new tires.

3. Your Tire Has Cracks or Noticeable Bulges – You may need to start looking into new tires if you notice any cracks or bulges. A  that bulges may mean that your tires have slowly deflated. This occurs when the inside frame of the tire has severe internal frame damage which causes pressure to move from the tire tube and start to slowly leak.

Another reason that your tire has a crack, or a bulge can be caused by hitting a pothole or a curb. A crack or bulge can also be caused by a manufacturer error — although it is highly unlikely. This may be caused by a deeper problem like low tire pressure or an air leak. If you’re not sure, it may be a good time to take it in to a specialist.

4. Inner Tire Wear – Another common problem is caused by tire tread worn on inside. Inner tire wear can be caused by many problems within the tire. One of these problems is worn ball joints, which happens and can lead to wobbly tires and affect the tire’s camber which can later lead to severe tire damage if not replaced quickly.

If you need to get your tires checked out, need new ones, or want to look at a whole new ride, contact us at Chaparral Ford today.


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