Take a Closer Look at the Ford Bronco

Take a Closer Look at the Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is an iconic vehicle that’s been popular since it was first released in 1965. The blueprints were created by the first African American designer for Ford, McKinley Thompson, who got his inspiration from the World War II vehicles Ford was responsible for making. That means, what it takes to build a Ford Bronco is aligned with making military vehicles, which is no surprise if you look at its boxy exterior, spacious and iconic Ford Bronco interior, and impressive horsepower.

Its standard look has changed over the decades along with the times, so it’s no surprise that with today’s technology, the 2023 Ford Bronco build is customizable to suit your needs and desires. Whether you choose two-door or four-door when you build a Ford Bronco, the value, driver satisfaction, and power remain the same (which is why the vehicle won the 2022 North American SUV of the Year Award).

Under the Hood

Ford vehicles vary year-to-year, with supped up or improved engine power, but no matter what, they tout impressive strength under the hood. The 2022 Ford Bronco hosts the F-150 2.3-liter EcoBoost I-4 (STD), with (300 – 2.3L) (330 – 2.7L) horsepower, which is exactly what you’d expect for an SUV that surpassed all its competitors.

Ford Bronco Towing Capacity

Ford Bronco drivers tend to care about aesthetics, horsepower, off-roading capabilities, and towing capacity. It’s a great camping and adventure vehicle, with the ability to haul 3,340 to 4,500 pounds. That’s about the same, if not more, than a Ford Ranger and other similar trucks. Again, it’s no surprise that the Ford Bronco build has roots in military vehicles.

The Ford Bronco Interior

Here’s where customizing your Ford Bronco gets even cooler. The 2023 Ford Bronco Heritage and Heritage Limited Edition have iconic and nostalgic plaid cloth seats, paying homage to the 1960’s style that America fell in love with. Other Ford Bronco interiors have marine-grade vinyl or leather seats with customizable colors.

The spacious interior has room for the whole family or the whole crew, a few dogs, and all your bags and luggage. The two-door comes with 22.4 cubic feet, while the four-door boasts 35.6 cubic feet. Thanks to a full-screen navigation system, you’ll be on your way to your next adventure with ease.

Getting In

Ford Bronco’s come in two or four-door options. If you want to get in the old-fashioned way, just open one of the doors up and slide inside. Or maybe you want to feel the breeze on your arms as you cruise down the highway, making the best use of the detachable doors. The vehicle is also great for stargazing, with the options for a removable hardtop or a retractable, folding soft top.


The Ford Bronco has an impressive safety record, and with being an off-road-ready, 4-wheel drive vehicle, it ought to. With a 5-star rating, crash-prevention technology, and blind spot detection, you’re able to drive safely, with peace of mind.

Bottom Line

The Ford Bronco can be an expensive one, but it doesn’t have to be. The Bronco Sport two-Door starts at $31,000 and the Raptor 4-Door starts at 68,000. That’s without all the customizable trim, increased engine, and transmission power, or upgraded axle ratio. The color options range from the Iconic Silver Metallic to the Cyber Orange Metallic Tricoat. You can also choose additional dealer-installed options, such as a Body Appearance Kit, Cockpit Cover, On-Road Assistance Kit, Tailgate Table, or a Cargo Net Kit.

But the choice is all yours, and if you’re worried about cost and spending, we have an entire Finance Center that’s ready to help you with affordable financing or leasing. There are even pre-owned Ford Bronco options that might work for you. Wherever you’re at and whatever you need, we’re here to help make it happen. Contact us today to get the process started, so you’re one step closer to driving off our lot in the Ford Bronco of your dreams.


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