The Greatest Coffee Shops in San Antonio, TX


Coffee is a favorite beverage for many people. Perhaps this is why coffee shops business is booming in San Antonio. While the only coffee roasters were What’s Brewing? for the last 38 years, in recent years, the locals have had several choices for coffee shops. There are now high-quality roasts from several other cafes and local roasters as more coffee shops in San Antonio have joined What’s Brewing? But even as more shops come up and competition increase, there is undoubtedly a rich coffee culture in the city of San Antonio. Though it has been a beer and food city, coffee has become the next thing. 

Merit Coffee 

San Antonio’s local Merit Coffee merit sends the director of green coffee around the world so that he can work with the coffee growers to get the best beans for drip coffee. The roasting is done in merit’s South Town roastery. This produces many pounds every week, which is for wholesale. They are also used in six shops in San Antonio, and three more are opening in other cities in Texas. 


Rosella was opened in 2014 on Jones Avenue. It offers coffee full time, and a second one has been opened. It is a modern location in the road building. There is also a cafe located at the San Antonio Botanical garden. The main goal for opening shops is for creating an environment conducive for people to meet. This might be for brunch, meeting for business purposes, or even happy hours.

The team concerned is now selecting beans from their own company and supplies them to a well-known roasting company. They are roasted using a medium blend; this is for espresso as well as a dark roast for drip coffees.


This joint is owned by Albert Martinez, who sources the coffee from the best producers in Africa, Oceania countries, and Central and South America. Uniko has its roastery where hotels and restaurants get quality beans in wholesale prices. With 100 percent organic coffee beans, Uniko master roasters ensure that each cup of coffee delivers the authentic taste of Arabica.

Philo Coffee 

This is located near San Antonio College, the former home of press coffee; a popular drink is created by the shop’s baristas. This is done by mixing four slots of espresso using simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. When perfectly blended, it is topped up with heavy cream, aimed to get a smooth taste. This is full of caffeine. Every cup is brewed using a special blend, all from Philo Coffee French-style beans. Three types of beans are used, and the roast is not made so strong. It stands better on its own with no sweetener, but flavored syrups can be available.

If you love the fancy espresso drinks which are from Starbucks, you should warm yourself with a hot cappuccino and coffee latte from a uniquely inspired and independent coffee shops in San Antonio. For those coffee lovers who appreciate what quality is, San Antonio has got you sorted out.


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