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It can’t be avoided: car shopping requires many decisions. While most customers know precisely what they want in a car, it isn’t always a simple process. With 52 percent of consumers feeling anxious or uncomfortable when visiting a car dealership, it is essential to research the best car for your needs and the best dealership to guide you through the process seamlessly.

At Chaparral Ford, we pride ourselves on being one of the best teams of San Antonio Ford dealers in the area. Here are a few things that make a difference in a dealership and why you should choose Chaparral Ford as your Ford dealership San Antonio.


You can’t fake a reputation. Any good car dealership will have plenty of reviews to back it up. Even more so, customers who had a negative experience at a dealership will share their expertise just as loudly. Finding feedback about a car dealership is as easy as a Google search. However, it is crucial to navigate reviews with a keen eye. While everyone’s experience is different and no business is perfect, you can accurately determine a dealership’s reputation by noting what is consistently said. Do they receive positive reviews for the same thing? Likewise, do they receive the same negative reviews – different people documenting a repeated mistake by the dealership? 

Looking beyond the number of stars and more into the content of a rating will give a better idea of what type of service you will receive from a dealership. Take it one step further and see if and how the dealership responded to positive and negative reviews. How a dealership responds to its customers is an excellent way to gauge whether they genuinely care about its customers and is making something right or is doing the bare minimum for its reputation.

With that in mind, be aware that any business can present itself in a certain way online. For the best insight into a dealership’s reputation, ask your community – friends and family whose opinions you value. 


Most Ford San Antonio dealerships have their inventory online. This is helpful to kick off researching different car models – whether it is new or pre-owned. You can compare pricing, explore features and better understand what type of car will work best for your needs. If you already have your mind on a model or color not listed on the website, check to see if the dealership offers custom orders and their standard timeline for that process.  

The best dealership will ultimately depend on your needs. A high volume of inventory means you have more options and can quickly purchase. A dealership with a smaller inventory may leave you with few options and a longer timeline to have new keys in your hand.

For your convenience, Chaparral Ford offers a large inventory of new, pre-owned and custom vehicles and the ability to get a free quote online.


Every dealership sells cars, but what else comes with their price tag? 

Many dealerships offer vehicle services for a certain amount of time after purchasing a car—research the types of services and the length of the dealerships’ discounts. If you haven’t been able to narrow down dealership choices by reputation or inventory, comparing service packages will help you determine how to get the most with your money. 

Beyond vehicle services, it’s always a good idea to compare promotions and finance options among dealerships to decide who can offer the best quality vehicle while staying on your budget. Fifty-five percent of used cars were purchased with financing options as of 2019, and Chaparral Ford is committed to helping make that process stress-free. Our Finance Department has a team of experts ready to help you find the best deal with low rates and flexible terms, no matter your credit situation. Get a step ahead and get pre-approved before you visit us.

The Chaparral Ford team is excited to help you find the best vehicle for your lifestyle. Contact us online or visit the dealership to start shopping today.


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