8 Signs You May Need to Get a Transmission Repair

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All cars have transmissions, and all transmissions, eventually, need service. Nobody wants to get blindsided by a major car breakdown. You can steer clear of that hassle by paying attention to these early warning signs and taking your car to Chaparral Ford for timely transmission repair.

1. Your Car Makes Weird Noises in Neutral Gear Blog 3 300x199

Obnoxious noises from your engine are never a good sign, but clicking or whining while in neutral gear can indicate worn gear teeth, failing transmission bearings, or fluid level problems. You should get it looked at pronto.

2. Manual Shifts Come With Metallic Grinding

If you have a manual transmission, mechanical, metal-on-metal grinding and squealing during gear shifts are often caused by low or sludgy transmission fluid. Continuing to run your car on dirty or low-level fluid will kill your transmission quickly– contact a transmission repair professional promptly.

3. Your Engine Smells Like Burning Rubber or Paper

There is never a good reason why your engine should be giving off a burning smell, and it should be checked out, the sooner the better. Likewise, use your dipstick to check the fluid in the transmission– does it look cloudy or burnt? If so, you should hurry your car into a service station.

4. Your Instrument Panel Lights Up Like a Christmas Tree

If your panel lights go on, you should bring your car in for a check-up. After all, they’re not called “warning lights” for nothing. The low transmission fluid light, check transmission light, and check engine lights could mean big trouble for your transmission.

5. Your Transmission Leaks Like a Sieve

If you have a fluid leak, you can probably see it. Check your driveway or parking spot– is there a red or brownish-red puddle? If the answer to this question is “yes,” take your car in for service right away.

6. You Can Feel an Idle Shimmy

It’s not a hot new dance move, unfortunately. Shimmying while idling or shifting can be a sign of a failing transmission. If your transmission is automatic and you experience jerking, shaking, or revving up above 3500 RPMs when your car shifts gears, you should get it looked at ASAP.

7. Your Automatic Transmission Shifts Is All Over the Place

Problem signs for your automatic transmission include changing gears too fast, too slow, not shifting gears at all, shifting unexpectedly and unnecessarily, sluggish acceleration, or not moving right away when first put in gear.

8. Your Manual Gears Develop a Mind of Their Own

If you have a manual, watch out for slipping gears, or even popping out of gear. Also, be alert if your car resists– or outright refuses– to shift into drive or reverse. This can be your transmission’s last warning to you before it gives us the ghost completely.

Pay attention to these eight signs and you can nip major problems in the bud, avoiding a lengthy stay in the shop for your car and a huge bill for you. If you’re currently experiencing any of these seven-car issues, call Chaparral Ford right away to get the service you need.


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