Ford’s SUVs: Which to Choose?

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The latest range of Ford SUVs are capable, convenient, and versatile family vehicles. They provide enough power to tow a trailer, overtake slower cars with ease, and they offer loads of passenger and cargo space. They are generally safer on the roads and are pretty economical. With Ford’s lineup featuring excellent SUVs, choosing one won’t be that straightforward. Blog3 300x225


This mini SUV is a great family car for those who need to be a little more budget-conscious. The revitalized Ecosport comes in three different trim levels with an upgraded touch screen, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and app connectivity. It’s available in front or four-wheel drive. So, you can take your family to the splendid outdoors or enjoy zipping it around the city or suburbs. 


The 2020 Escape is one of Ford’s top-selling SUVs. Available in five trims and four eventual powertrains, the smaller SUV — the Escape — has a host of smart features to boast of. This popular vehicle is a winner with its spacious interior, quiet ride, and road-response. Together with its broad range of models, the Escape is an attractive purchase for most people looking at the SUV market.


As a mid-sized crossover SUV, the Ford Edge appeals to a wide group of buyers, depending on their needs and desires. Thrill-seekers will love the Edge ST: a beast they will enjoy trying to tame in its Sports mode. The other trims will, again, appeal to most SUV lovers with the attraction of the quiet cabin, comfortable seating, and an impressive array of standard equipment.


As its name implies, the Ford Explorer is all about exploring the outdoors, especially with the addition of the new rear-wheel-drive platform and the option of four powerful engines. Its athletic looks and sport-tuned suspension make it the vehicle for adventurers. The Explorer is available in four trims, including the limited edition hybrid.


Built for power, the Ford Expedition is one of the big boys in the Ford SUV range. Because of its superior features — like the strong turbocharged engines, a huge amount of cargo space, and tons of passenger space in its classy interior — the Expedition is a little pricey. This vehicle appeals to those who like and can afford the finer things in life, and it comes with plenty of bells and whistles to satisfy them.


The spacious seven-seater Ford Flex is made for road-tripping with the gang of either family or friends, or both. Style, personality, convenience, and comfort is what the Flex is all about. Its unique boxy shape turns heads, but its interior is even more impressive. The Flex is the perfect vehicle for traveling with comfort and space, making for an enjoyable ride.

Back to the question of which to choose? Well, that depends on your budget, the size of your family, the amount of travel you intend to do, and how much of a thrill you are looking for. One thing that is certain: you can’t go wrong, as none of the Ford SUVs will disappoint you.


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