Where to Get Your Game on in San Antonio, TX


Looking for a great spot to get into some games? San Antonio has a vast assortment of game shops and cafes perfect for spending the day with friends.

Knight Watch Games

If you are looking for the perfect place to play a game with your friends, Knight Watch Games is your place. They have a great shop and fantastically designed medieval-themed tables for you to play games. The store also has some deluxe theme rooms to rent, with soundboards, and custom lighting to truly immerse yourself in the game of your choice. The owners and staff are very passionate gamers, and you are sure to have a blast spending the day at Knight Watch Games.

Multiverse Games

Multiverse Games is another excellent game shop with plenty of room to play a few games in. Multiverse Games also has some board games to play for free, and there are themed rooms available to rent for some private gaming with your friends. They have a great selection of game accessories for sale in the shop portion, and you can bring your food in, or buy a few snacks from them. 

Dragons Lair Comics and Fantasy

As one of the original comic book and game shops in San Antonio, Dragons Lair Comics and Fantasy still hold their own as one of the best game shops in the area. With tons of great comics and merchandise, and great game rooms to use, this shop is a great place to visit with friends for a great day of gaming.

RikRic OtakuCafe

This shop is a Japanese anime cafe that has a great selection of figurines, games and gaming accessories. Upstairs you will find their arcade, full of Japanese arcade games. They have lots of anime for sale and will most likely have some playing when you walk in the door. The cafe offers a few snacks, and also allows you to bring your own. If you are a lover of anime, this is your spot! Stop by and enjoy the great arcade and do a bit of shopping with friends, you won’t regret it.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is another great comic store. They have tons of comics, figurines, and games available. The selection is composed of new comics, and old, so you are sure to find what you are looking for. They have fair prices and a friendly staff. Alien Worlds also has a small area in the back set up to play some games as well.

If you are looking for a great spot to play a few games in the San Antonio area, check out these excellent game shops. You will find some of the best games, accessories, novelty items, figurines, and more for sale and enjoy learning from the passionate and knowledgeable staff all of these shops offer. If you want to step up your game with friends, renting a private themed room is a great way to bring some more excitement to your next D&D meet up. So have fun and keep gaming!


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